Friday, September 2, 2011

A Man, a Horse, a Gun - Soundtrack

Taking the identity of a dead postal inspector found on the trail, a stranger rides into a small western town and finds himself in the middle of a stagecoach robbery perpetrated by a gang of twenty ruthless desperados. Finding out the object of the heist was not a strongbox as it seemed but a solid gold stagecoach, he enlists the aid of a down-and-out old preacher and tracks down the dangerous gang and their unsuspected ally. Soundtrack is awesome fucks Spaghetti goodness.

Download here

Wizard's Beard - Pure Filth

This is some pretty hate-filled sludge right here from the UK that lives somewhere in-between the styles and sounds of Grief, Buzzoven, Eyehategod, Iron Monkey, Negative Reaction, Crowbar and High On Fire but also reminded me a little of Cough even though that band isn't listed as an influence. Wizard's Beard was formed from the ashes of Solitary Mass and Agent Of The Morai. Their bio on their Official Website reads - "We got together over the love of all sounds sleazy, sexy and filthy. With influences from all genres and styles of music, from Mississippi John Hurt & William Elliott Whitmore to Iron Monkey & Emperor; we have enough inspiration to keep us going for a long time." Damn right, this band is the real deal and would be right at home if they lived down south of the USA as they sound more American than British. The 'Pure Filth' EP is short but starts and ends with two monster tracks of slime-incrusted sludge in 'Paint The Skies' and 'The Albatross'.

These two tunes are both highlights and sum up the bands vicious sonic assault. With headache-inducing heaviness and screaming, ugly vocals, they create very dissonant and abrasive sludge while keeping it incredibly catchy. Vocals range from nihilistic growls to violent yelp's but what impressed me the most is the raw intensity of the riffing. It is slightly repetitive but this only makes this an even more intense, relentless listening experience. 'Paint The Skies' and 'The Albatross' both sound predictable and recycled from somewhere or maybe it is 'Wizard's Beard' proudly displaying their influences, whatever the motive, these two tracks have an engaging sneer of belligerence and infectiously groovy riffs. It must be said the band hasn't exactly got a plethora of riffs but they must be picky about which ones they use because only the most brutal, audio atrocities are used to get their incessant sludge-metal across to the listener. It is a great way to start and finish the album but the dirges in-between are equally as sick and unforgiving.

One of those titled 'Hemorrhage' is quick, straight-forward and more direct than the other tunes but blink and you might miss it, I know I have a few times. 'Parasite' is another ugly vicious attack on the senses and is kind of like the musical equivalent of pouring acid on open wound seepage and I appreciate how the band don't plod along too often, tracks groove, move and twist with a good dose of energy. The other track on here is named after the band themselves, 'Wizard's Beard' and is another straight-forward caustic sludge assault. While 'Paint The Skies' and 'The Albatross' tend to overshadow the other tracks on 'Pure Filth,' the EP as a whole is excellent with not a second wasted. The production is excellent and thick, front cover-art is kind of cool and it is being released by one of my favorite labels, 'Psychedoomelic' so if that is not enough incentive to buy, I don't know what is. One of the best debut releases in recent years and a EP that will rank highly on play-lists by the end of the year. I can't wait to hear what this band does next, this thing kills...........9.5/10

All dat shit stole from doommantia
fucking rape the artist here

Whiskey Fit is back With Whiskey Dick

Only review my drunk stoned ass could find it's not about the album but who gives a shit "Comprised of two dudes you’d hate to run into in a dark alley, this Fort Worth southern rock team had the place jumping. You’ve never heard an acoustic guitar played with more fury. Their songs are mostly about two things, drinking and being an outlaw. We're interested to hear their new album coming out soon, appropriately titled Drunk as Hell." The song wookie pussy makes this shit worth it with chewbacca sounds and all.

steal this shit here Whiskeeeeey or for you scottish fucks whiskyyyyyy

Saturday, October 2, 2010


Whiskey fit resurrect from the dead Sanguis bibimus, corpus edimus, tolle corpus Satani

Sunday, January 18, 2009


Hey everyone. Just to let you know, this blog is basically dead. But we've got a new one which will be updated much more frequently.

Check it out at

Sunday, January 11, 2009

Boris: Absolutego [Low Freq. Mix]

Blow Out Your Speakers, We're Coming Back

2]Dronevil 2


Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Roy Brown

Some good ol' tracks from the days of good old rock n' roll.
Jam out to some fuckin' 40's jump blues.

Sunday, October 26, 2008


Asterisk* are a different grindcore band, from sweden. You're definitely missing out if you haven't checked them out, yet. I believe this is their discography excluding the sides of the bands they did the splits with.


01. Dromology
02. Stasis Is Death
03. Dromologist
04. Speed (God)
05. The Peace Of Exhaustion
06. *
07. Adding Milk To DNA
08. Man-Eater
09. Furniture.
10. Essence
11. Changing Times.
12. Asterisk And Obelisk
13. Empty From Day Zero
14. Drink Me.
15. Assault Engine.
16. Red.
17. Green Eyed Angel In My Dream.
18. Bible.
19. French Is French In Phonetics.
20. Hello Vargas
21. Eat Me.
22. The Spatio-Temporal Aspect
23. The Anomaly
24. Iron-Head: Palestine
25. Another Dane Law Carved In French
26. 5 Months
27. A Phrase Structure Tree.
28. Vowel Sounds Turning Into Motor Humming.
29. The Word "Blood" Is Mentioned 109 Times In Macbeth.
30. Auxiliary
31. Silver [Bullet] Bible
32. Syntax Of Limbo
33. A Blouse Of Lead.
34. An Angel Collapsing (Featuring Lasse Marhaug)
35. I (Poultry)
36. Exodus.
37. Ogre Battle (Originally Performed By Queen)
38. Lego Hair
39. Janick Top
40. Babylon(e)

1-23 was originally released by 31G as a 12" LP entitled Dogma I: Death Of A Dromologist.
24-31 was released by Busted Heads / Putrid Filth (and somewhat also by Black Mask) as a split 7" with Nasum. Asterisk* side was entitled Dogma II: Colorless Green Ideas Sleep Furiously.
32-36 was released by 31G as a split 10" with Jenny Piccolo. Asterisk* side was entitled Dogma III: The Morphology Of Heavenly Poultry.
37 was recorded for a Queen tribute compilation entitled Dynamite With A Laserbeam released by 31G.
38-40 was released on the Polar Grinder compilation (along with eight other Swedish grindcore bands) in an attempt to document the contemporary Swedish grindcore scene. It was released by Putrid Filth.

Dogma V

This is a collabartion between Asterisk*, Merzbow, Lasse Marhaug. This is some fucking crazy shit.

1. Janik Top II - Angel Choirs
2. Janik Top III - Grind Hope


Terminal Youth

Terminal Youth were a shortlived fuckhard powerviolence band from Massachusettes.

Line of Defense:

1 Don't Step In The Nationalism
2 Dissedent
3 Swine
4 Takeover
5 Don't Thrash For Cash
6 Rise of Atrocity
7 Betrayal
10 A-16

Shit Fit:

1000 ways to use the word fuck
don't trash for cash
eventual outcome
fuck hitler youth
lovely room of death
money and a name
no accomplishments
sick and tired
stressing the word "chill"
unvalued justice


Sorry for the lack of updates recently. I think everyone's been busy with school/work/whatever. We haven't heard from Lokie since that last upload, so for all we know, he could be dead.

Yacoepsae is crusty fastcore/powerviolence from Germany and on of the best currently in the game. I'm not gonna bother with tracklistings because they are ~30 songs long apiece. The third one takes a little explanation, I'll do that when I get there.

This one is a little strange. Instead of their usual turbo-violence speed, the band decided to release an album of covers of American pop-punk bands. Their definition of pop-punk is a little loose including and Everclear song and a bunch of Weezer songs. A strange listen on the whole, but if you ever wondered what Weezer would sound like with a German accident then you are in for a treat.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

serpentcult - trident nor fire

Trident Nor Fire
is the rather unique debut EP from Belgium's Serpent Cult and this shit is heavy. I'm talking just ridiculously dense, churning, downtuned riffs galore gelling together with plodding pulses of bass and thundering percussion - all alongside great (and wholly unexpected) female vocals that only add to the band's atypical stance within this particular realm of metal. It's slow, but not too slow. Sludgy, but not too sludgy. So, yeah… it basically rules. The sheer fury and mass of some of the rhythms actually reminds me of the mighty Crowbar to some degree, but with more of a doomy sort of "contemporary Sabbath" thing going on. Hell, they close with a cover of Uriah Heep's "Rainbow Demon", so that sort of gives you an idea of where some of their influences are coming from, but… rest assured the end result's definitely 1,000 times more crushing!"

serpentcult - trident nor fire

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Fall of Efrafa - Tharn

I can't really find a good pic of the cover art. If you click the above you should be able to read a description of what this record is.

If you haven't heard of Fall of Efrafa by now you either listen to shit or you have been living under a rock. They play some sort of D-beat-post-doom-crust, and are basically one of the most interesting punk bands around today.

This record sold all 300 copies during its pre-order phase.

American tour next spring. Make sure you don't miss it or you will be kicking yourself later

Monday, October 6, 2008

A Coffin Full Of Acid//Resin Cum - Blood At Sundown

It was fun while it lasted if anyone can send me this, please get a hold of me at resincum at gmail dot com

Psychedelic Horseshit - Magic Flowers Droned

No description can do this band's sound justice.
Just listen to it.

Seriously, do it.

Maruta - In Narcosis

Had this for awhile now, but I've been too busy fisting my asshole to up it. Need to take a break so it can tighten up some, so I finally got around to it; over thirty minutes of insane fucking grind straight out of Florida. Awesome dudes, Awesome tunes. Check em out.