Friday, September 2, 2011

A Man, a Horse, a Gun - Soundtrack

Taking the identity of a dead postal inspector found on the trail, a stranger rides into a small western town and finds himself in the middle of a stagecoach robbery perpetrated by a gang of twenty ruthless desperados. Finding out the object of the heist was not a strongbox as it seemed but a solid gold stagecoach, he enlists the aid of a down-and-out old preacher and tracks down the dangerous gang and their unsuspected ally. Soundtrack is awesome fucks Spaghetti goodness.

Download here


Grus said...

Oh man, I've been looking for this soundtrack for ages... So naturally I'm finding it one day after Megaupload gets taken down. Is there any chance that you could reupload this somewhere else?

Kuken said...

Grus is right...on every point!